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Recipes can be for more than just food, although, food is always important for any party. This past week we celebrated my 2nd granddaughter’s 1st birthday and here is the recipe for not only one of the best birthday cakes ever, but, the ingredients for an all around pretty pink party!

First and most important is a special, adorable, loveable birthday girl (or boy). That is one ingredient that you just can’t buy, that kind of gift comes from above and we got a sweet, precious, baby girl.
Next, what is better than pink cake, pink cupcakes, and lots of confetti colored paper, balloons, flowers, and favors?
Daughter number one eyed an adorable ombre cake on pinterest, and that was her wish, layers and layers of pink cake. So here is our recipe for layered pink cake.

My grandduaghter Taylor.

My grandduaghter Kate.

Pretty, Pink, Layered Cake
2 boxes of vanilla cake mix
prepare one box at a time according to package directions. Divide batter in half. Pour first half into a greased, floured 8″ round cake pan (this layer will be vanilla colored). Next, tint the second half of the batter lightly with red food coloring (just a few drops). This will be the ever so slightly pink layer. Pour this into a second 8″ round, greased, floured cake pan. Bake the two cake rounds according to package directions. Cool completely, and carefully remove from pans and cool on waxed paper.
Next, prepare the second cake mix, divide batter, tint the first half medium pink, and the second half dark pink. Bake according to package directions, cool completely, remove from pan and trim the mounded tops with a cake trimming wire creating a flat cake top.
When all four layers are completely cooled and trimmed they are ready to frost and assemble into a tower of beauty. We used a delicious whipped topping frosting to go between the pink layers of cake. Of course, you can simplify things and use only one of the frostings listed below. We used two because we love the taste of the whipped cream frosting, but, the buttercream holds up better for decorating.

Whipped Cream Frosting
1-quart heavy whipping cream
2 small packages vanilla instant pudding
1/4 sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla
Beat with and electric mixer until firm peaks form.

Buttercream Frosting for decorating

2 cups solid vegetable shortening (white crisco)
2 teaspoons Wilton Flavor butter extract
2 teaspoons Wilton clear vanilla extract
2-6 tablespoons milk
2 lbs. confectioners’ sugar
2 tablespoons Wilton Meringue Powder
pinch of salt (optional)
Cream shortening, flavoring and milk.. Add dry ingredients and mix on medium speed until all ingredients have been thoroughly mixed together. Blend an additional minute or so, until creamy

Place first layer on a firm plate or cake stand. Start with the darkest color pink and finish with the lightest layer of cake on top. Place the whipped cream frosting between each layer. When all layers are placed apply a layer of buttercream frosting all over top and sides. This will be a base layer of buttercream frosting. Then using any tip you like decorate cake to your desire. Here, daughter number two, used a large star tip and applied in a circle swirl pattern about the size of a quarter. Work your way around the cake top and sides. Use graduating colors of frosting to match the color of the cake layers. Start with white frosting on the first layer, then tint your frosting lightly pink for the next pink cake layer and so on ending with dark pink frosting on the lower layer of dark pink cake.
Keep cake refrigerated until served.

No party is complete without favors and for this party it was once again homemade Posh Playdough, Wikki Stixs, and jump ropes.

So for this, I pulled out my treasured recipe card in my mother’s handwriting titled “Play Dough” given to her by pastor’s wife, Lena Jackson. When I took the card out of my recipe file it was as if my late mother was there in spirit, taking part in her great granddaughter’s first birtdhay, a great granddaughter that she never met. Thanks mom for teaching the importance of cooking and of making memories with food, fun, family and friends.

My mom's play dough recipe.

My mom's play dough recipe.


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  1. Christa Williams Prentice says:

    Great post mom! Taylor’s birthday party was a lot of fun, I’m glad the cake turned out pretty!

  2. Christa Prentice says:

    Oh and the play dough was amazing! Adorable.